About Me

Based in Atlanta Georgia, I've excelled in various roles thoughout my career, ranging from serving & customer service to Stock Manager & Video Assist Operator on major Production. 

I have been actively learning the ins and outs of Facebook & Instagram Marketing, Let me grow my business by helping you grow yours!

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, Using my knowledge of the world of technology, I am dedicated to delivering tangible results for your business.

Amplify your online presence and maximize the your advertising campaigns with my expert Ad Management services, strategic targeting, compelling messaging, and continuous optimization to drive traffic, boost conversions, and grow your business.

Elevate your brand's communication with my copywriting skills to deliver persuasive and captivating content that amplifies brand awareness, and drives desired actions.

Enhance your email marketing efforts with my expertise to craft compelling messages for your audience to drive engagement, and yield measurable results.